Lets make a magic moment together

the Magician
who's a bit
of a CLOWN himself.

Gazza the Magician's
Magic Class
for 8 to 12 year olds.

Birthday Parties, Holiday Programmes,
School Groups, Kids Clubs,
or the older children
who just want to learn MAGIC.

Gazza the Magician will entertain your older children, giving them a Fantastic Party! Gazza will teach them how to perform Fun Magic Tricks for themselves. For the first 20 minutes Gazza does a Comedy Magic Show focusing on the Birthday Child or your Guests then he begins his Teaching Magic Class.

  • It's fun.
  • It's practical.
  • Its all hands on.
  • Everyone will learn 5 Magic Tricks.
  • There's lots of Laughs and MiStakES?

    You will learn;
  • A Card trick.
  • A Rope trick.
  • A Paper trick.
  • A Tea towel trick.
  • A Nut trick.
  • And one or two other surprises!!!

  • The real COOL thing about Gazza the Magician's Magic Class, is he Entertains the Kids with his magic AND he teaches them step by step how the tricks work. Everyone will be given all the props they need to take home so they then can entertain their own family and friends!!!

    Gazza the Magician Guarantees it will be GREAT ENTERTAINMENT for the 8 to 12 year olds!!! And you the HOST, will get all the praise for the fantastic Party you have put on for your guests!!!

    There's a $20 Discount if you hold "Gazza's Magic Class"
    during the week or in the evening.
    (School and Public Holidays excluded)
    Email us at
    Please phone 0274 468482 or Dial (04) from Wellington (04) 904 8084 (we live in the Kapiti Coast Area)